Email the current Secretary

Phone or send postal items to IGPP, (858) 534-1927 

Board of Directors:

  • Sheldon Engelhorn, Alumni Regent, UCSD
  • William Nelson, Attorney
  • Donna Weston, The Scripps Research Institute
  • Wayne Kennedy, Sr. Vice President Emeritus, UC
  • Prahdeep Khosla, Chancellor, UCSD
  • Peter Cowhey, Qualcomm Chair & Interim Executive Vice Chancellor, UCSD
  • Marye Anne Fox, Chancellor emerita, UCSD
  • Margaret Leinen, Director SIO (Ex-officio)
  • Steve Constable, Director IGPP 

Financial Consultant:

  • Brian Chew, Cliveden Ancestoral Partners

Green Foundation Selection Committee:

  • Steve Constable
  • Dave Stegman
  • Donna Blackman
  • Michael Hedlin