Instructor: Gabi Laske

13 December 2013 Important Notice

Last night, two bad things happened.
1) As most of you noticed, the class website went down at about 7 pm because a systems administrator closed down the web server without notice.
2) Due to an error on Triton link, I have been unable to send emails to the class the way I used to throughout this quarter.

The class website is now back but I still cannot send you emails. Unfortunately, we cannot simply postpone the final and we must go through this together come 3 pm, no matter what.

I fully understand your concerns about not having access to the class website and the ability to study the night before the exam. I have a plan B that I will explain in class. I promise I will not let you down. The most important thing that you need to do is stop panicking! Usually, students do quite a bit better in the final than in the two midterms, so there is still good reason to believe that you all will do well.

The most important thing now is to stay calm and go through the final exam! Sorry, no exceptions!

Not coming to the final exam will set you up for failure because your final grade will be your current points counted agains 100%.
We are in this together and we find a solution for this mess! I will now remove all the hate email and phone calls I received from my mailbox/voice mail and pretend I never got them :)

I still wish you the very best! Gabi Laske